About Us

We specialize in quality accessories for the modern Stoic. Whether shopping for yourself or for someone you love and admire, you will be pleased with what you find here.

Look for hints about Stoic philosophy throughout our line.

The skull represents our mortality and reminds us to live immediately.

The quill and the scalpel represent knowledge and self-discipline and when combined, represent being playfully intellectual.

Tyrian purple was once rare and expensive, was permitted to be worn only by royalty and the most influential of any society. Stoics use the color not to be noticed but as a personal reminder that we are not part of the crowd- the white tunics- but we also don't need to be boastful. A simple thread is sufficient to distinguish us. It also alludes to the importance of our individuality and freedom. 

(You'll find hints of purple hidden throughout some of our designs.)

The four purple stitches in our logo represent the four virtues of Stoicism- Wisdom, Justice, Courage, and Temperance. All virtues we aspire to embody.

From hand-rolled, 100% silk pocket squares with luxurious hand to Solid Brass keychains with a lustrous touch and hefty weight, we offer products that will please your senses and make you feel great every time you catch yourself in the mirror. We do the worrying about details so you can focus on living your best life immediately.

Take a moment to look around and shop to your heart's content.